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Zeal was a swedish demo crew that made demos and a game for the Atari STE during 1993-1994.

The members were:

Empa Coder, Graphix
PQ Lear Coder
Noon / Oi! Coder, Swapper
Rubbish Musix
Clawz Graphix
Xor Swapper


This is an old pic that was found in a pack of files that I got from Marcer, thanks!
It was supposed to be in a demo. This is from the old group called FRB (Five Real Boys / Four Real Boys).
From left to right, Rubbish (Robert Kreese), Empa (Mikael Emtinger), L76 (Leif), Noon / Oi! (Olov Johansson).

Thanks to the great Atari STE emulator Steem, you can watch all of our demos on your PC. Download Steem, use TOS 1.62 (I use the swedish version), setup Steem to use 1 Mb of memory and of course color monitor. Then download the demo you want to watch, unzip it, and place it in Steem's virtual drive A:. Start the emulation, and there you go!!!



Alive - 1993


Lethal Trash - 1993


Vision - 1994


Birdie 2 - 1994




Wormrace - 1994

MOD's by Rubbish:

Living Space The first "real" MOD. It was played in the MOD competition in Lidköping 1992.
Spendura A four-channel MOD made for the MOD-compo at TCC 93. It came at 3:rd place in the Atari section. We also used this MOD for our demo Lethal Trash.
Candy for your ears This four-channel MOD was used in the Zeal-demo Vision.


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Little Green Desktop A great Atari site with lot's of stuff, games, TOS, emulators, links etc.


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